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If you've just received your statement of deficiencies you're either elated because you had a good survey or you feel like you've just been hit in the head with a baseball bat regardless you need to write a plan of Correction and you only have 10 calendar days to do it that time will fly so you need to start right away too often people waste valuable time being angry about the surveyors findings if you're mad save that passion for an IDR or an appeal right now you need to stay focused on the task at hand keep in mind if you don't submit an acceptable POC you'll eventually lose a big part of your facility's reimbursement so plan on writing at least two drafts of your POC you need to work on it for a while set it aside and then look at it again with the fresh set of eyes a plan of Correction isn't something you want to put together hastily remember your plan of Correction makes a statement about your facility to several different audiences the state survey agency the general public and possibly a jury make yourself look good if you have several staff members working on different segments of the plan make sure one person reviews and edits the entire document you don't want it to look like it was just tossed together if you have time ask a person who hasn't worked on the plan to review it an outsider can provide a fresh perspective and identify things that are missing or simply not stated clearly an acceptable plan of Correction has six components the four questions required by CMS the completion dates for the corrective actions and the administrator's signature in this video series we'll dress each component and give you a few practical tips good luck if you're watching this video on YouTube you can find the rest of the video series on care clips dot TV this website has great videos for nursing home and assisted living professionals check it out a link to care clips dot TV appears below just click it